Week 44: Cinnamon

  • Cinnamon, Apple, Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Spinach with Cinnamon and Goat Cheese

Sliced apples thin on mandolin, layered them over top of the pork loin, sprinkled on some cinnamon and brown sugar, wrapped that in thick cut bacon, topped with more apples slices and cinnamon and sugar. Placed this beautiful example of pork decadence in a casserole dish and surrounded it with diced sweet potatoes and apples. Sprinkled on some more cinnamon and sugar, then doused it with a couple cups of apple cider and baked at 350F for about 4-5 drinks (maybe 1.5 hours) and the thermometer returned a 160F reading.

The spinach was wilted in rendered pig fat and mixed with a bit of onion, cinnamon, brown sugar, and topped with goat cheese.

It could have been the hard apple cider clouding the senses, but the pork loin was fairly tasty. It wasn’t too sweet, and the bacon added the glory that bacon does to any meal. The sweet potatoes and diced apples added a nice texture difference, and the goat cheese in the spinach was a good deviation from the rest of the flavors. One note, the onion was not a good addition to the spinach. It didn’t play well with others.

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