Week 29: Inspired By Color

  • Chicken/Beef Enchiladas with green sauce
  • Green Rice
  • Avocado Buttermilk Soup

For the enchiladas, I stewed the chicken in broth, cumin, paprika, cock sauce, salt and pepper. The beef got the same seasonings but was pan fried instead.

The salsa verde recipe was pulled from here

When assembling the enchiladas, I used flour tortillas due to someone’s corn allergy. I wrapped some meat and Mexican cheese blend, and rolled each and placed them in a casserole dish, then poured on the salsa and topped with more cheese. After a stint in a 400F oven, they were bubbly and ready to eat.

Green rice recipe was altered by adding jalapeno.

With Dingus’s suggestion, the Avocado Buttermilk Soup was added to the menu sans the crab meat. Since a Murphy’s Mosier suggested the item, and brought me a lovely ceramic knife as a gift, of course the avocado pit chipped the brand new knife.

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