Red Beans and Rice

I looked in the freezer and saw that I had a package of andouille from a groupon to a butcher from the summer. What better way to help usher in Winter than some red beans and rice? I ignored the fact that it will be warming back into the 60s for the following several days.

I searched around several different recipes on the web (I have no idea where my recipe is), and settled on this one. I did not have green bell peppers on hand so I desecrated the “Holy Trinity” by using a red pepper I had bought the following night’s dinner. Other than that, I mostly followed the recipe, but doubled it.

As for the creole seasoning, I had to break out the slide rule and scale down the recipe since I only needed a few tablespoons instead of a few cups. Luckily, I have the conversion chart stuck on the side of my fridge. I did cheat by rounding everything to tablespoons instead of teaspoons. The approximately half cup I have left over will have to be used for some other Creole meal.

Simmer down

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