French Fry Ethics

“Would you like that medium or large,” optioned the speaker.

I thought medium would more than suffice, so I replied. When the monstrosity of a cup was handed to me, I could only fear what was in store for me in the bag. Once opened, my apprehension was confirmed; a giant bucket of fries peered out at me. The ethical implications of training your employees to only offer those two sizes are just wrong. It is like a game of Would You Rather with your choices being ‘overstuffing yourself’ or ‘wasting food.’ It is amazing what corporate greed will push a society to purchase. Dave Thomas is probably crying in his fast food heaven. I won’t make that mistake again.

“Would you like that medium or large?”

“Medium,” I replied with my inner monologue immediately cursing for my lack of choosing outside of the options. Once again I am handed my bucket of soda and immense bag of food.You are supposed to regret the act of eating fast food, not the act of choosing. I won’t make this mistake again.

“Would you like that medium or large?”


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