Chicken Rings

After talking to a friend about high school food, I was reminded of one of very few positive memories from that era: Chicken Rings.

She commented on how it isn’t a good idea to consume a meat that the origin couldn’t be traced to a location on the animal. With chicken nuggets/patties, I would agree. I have never seen an anatomy that listed the patty or nugget on any beast. But how can one argue the validity of the ring? It is clearly located on the leg where the meat is over the upper part of the bone.

Culinarily speaking, it is cleared from the thigh when prepping the chicken, then cut like calamari and deep fried to deliciousness.

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  1. Mmmmm, chicken rings. I believe you selling short the nugget, though. Further research reveals that the chicken’s hindquarters are called Chickenus Nuggetus.

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