Mushroom Sesame Dressing

I have attempted to recreate Tomato Head’s Mushroom Sesame Dressing several times, but since I have never actually had it, I couldn’t try to come close. A trip to Knoxville last weekend allowed me to finally try it, and I was way off. I would have hoped that Amanda would have let me know this.

Since it has been a couple months since I talked to Scott from Tomato Head about them selling their dressing in local stores, we searched Kroger ¬†near her sister’s house on a trip back to Knoxville, but to no avail. We did find Tomato Head Hummus, so the trip was not a total loss.

Now that I have a better idea of what I am aiming to make, I will reattempt it tonight. One thing I know I was missing was a tangy quality that could be lemon juice, or some kind of vinegar. I will try lemon juice first.

I wish I would have brought some home with me.