Part two of the recreating The Tomato Head food was their sandwich, Lucy. Their website lists it as such:

fresh spinach  hummus  carrot  roasted onion roasted portobello  walnut  monterey jack heated

I made the hummus, while Amanda had already grated the carrots, sliced and began to roast the onions, cut the cheese, and toasted some pine nuts (I am out of walnuts).

Once the onions cooked down a bit, I added the mushroom slices and tossed it in the oven. Amanda spread hummus and pine nuts on the buns and when the onions and mushrooms were ready, she layered those and topped with cheese.

A short stint under the broiler and she then topped with the shredded carrot and spinach.

Paired with a salad with last night’s dressing, I will have to say that these were quite good. If we ever make them again, I will be sure to use a denser bread.

Mushroom Sesame Vinaigrette

After eating at The Tomato Head  in Knoxville on Sunday, Amanda raved about the mushroom sesame salad dressing. I didn’t get to try it myself, but I figured that I could find a recipe online. No such luck.

The recipe I tried was a knockoff to some name brand shiitake and sesame dressing. When I followed the recipe, it tasted like cider vinegar with flavoring. I added more oil to subdue it, and was still not happy. After some garlic, salt, pepper, and onion powder, it was palatable. I think that Amanda snuck sugar in it when I had my back turned.

Today, I tried to get the recipe from The Tomato Head, but sadly, they don’t release such information since they are hoping to sell it themselves around Tennessee.  I guess I will have to make a trip down there to get some and try to recreate it.